Revenge Of Lancelot

If you don’t want to know how the series ends don’t read this last post!!!!!

Revenge is the last book in the current series. It moves the story past the traditional ending with Arthur and Mordred facing each other for that terrible final confrontation. This is a story about revenge, both Lancelot’s and (SPOILER ALERT) The Lady’s. She has finally struck against Lancelot and Morgana, ending the peace they find in each others company. With Arthur and Tancred beside him, Lancelot finally has the ending he deserves.

It’s been a long haul to write these books and it’s been intense. For those of us who will struggle to let the boys go, it’s sad but Albion’s not done with me yet so there will be more stories.

Most modern re-tellings of the Arthurian legends tend to end with Arthur’s death at his son’s hand. It’s a good allegory on many levels but for me it never worked. I can’t read those last few stanza’s in the poems or the last few chapters in the book. For me a hero’s life doesn’t have to end with a hero’s death. I wanted to give the boys a future because they defy all conventions. They continue to love each other despite everything, remaining loyal to the last, because the future is about more than just the passion of love or lust, the future is about companionship. Their unconventional homosexual relationship should have hope at the end, not more blood and death – there’s enough of that in the word. Leave Homer and the death of Achilles to describe the perfect end of a once great hero because of a broken heart. I wanted hope to end this story.

The actual final scene I’ve held in a special box in my head for the last three years. I knew exactly what it would look like but I didn’t know what the boys would say – that is something I had to leave up to them at the right moment so it wasn’t overwritten by my anxiety to get everything right.

This book did prove almost impossible to write. In fact I wouldn’t have done it at all if people weren’t depending on it. I’ve had to say goodbye to Lancelot, with whom I’ve spent more time than my poor husband over the last few years. His journey from cold and lonely killer, who doesn’t really know himself or those around him, to a man able to have a loving and secure family life – if a little unconventional – has been wonderful for me.

So, that’s it, the end of the road for Arthur and Lancelot and one slightly broken hearted writer who has to say goodbye to her closest friends. However, I’ve made some new ones – The Sons Of Camelot – is coming on well and I hope to have the final draft done by the summer. It’s the usual… Blood, guts, heart ache and bad guys so I just hope you all love Galahad du Lac and Loholt Pendragon as much as me, it’s fun learning about these new men and they just keep talking so I’ll keep writing…

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