Sons Of Camelot


People have said I’ve moved too far from the original stories, but what are stories except places to explore new and interesting places? With that in mind I’ve created a place for another twist to the Knights of Camelot stories. In their own way the sons of Lancelot and Arthur are just as confused, difficult and damaged as their fathers. Loholt Pendragon and Galahad du Lac are the men who inherit the burdens of their families.
The name Loholt is one I found through a genealogy chart I picked up in Cornwall at the site of the final battle between Arthur and Mordred near a place called Slaughterbridge (it’s that a cool name for a village?). It combined many of the oldest myths and legends about Arthur and his knights. I have never found any other information about Loholt so he comes to me through what I know of Arthur and Guinevere as parents, the world of Camelot and Lancelot’s influence. I tell the stories from his perspective because he spoke to me first – it’s no more complicated than that. These stories are Holt’s stories.
Galahad is of course as famous as Lancelot. Within many of the late medieval manuscripts, and the Pre-Raphaelite stories in paintings and poetry, he is fabled to be the near perfect knight Lancelot couldn’t be because of the corruption of his love for Guinevere. However… I don’t believe in perfect. Men are not perfect – therefore I wanted to find his flaws. Being raised by the Lady of the Lake, as he is in many stories, without his father’s love, will have changed him from the man he might have been with Lancelot as a direct role model. He is prideful for a start. The Japanese believe in ‘justifiable pride’ but of course for Christians pride is a sin (I tend to side with the Japanese on this one). My version of The Lady from the previous series could not and would not raise a son with the kind of pride we would think of as positive. This was the beginning of Galahad’s journey for me and when he met Holt – well read the book and discover how they change each other.
Once more there is a gay theme. Alright – hands up – the chances of the son being gay is a bit of a stretch but hell, if you are reading this you enjoyed the spin in the last series and why should I play to stereotypes as a writer? The twist on the characters because of their sexuality is something I like to explore. Not for some perverted reason (thank you reviewer on but because it’s a challenge as a writer. I am challenging myself and a world that still finds sexuality a difficult subject to talk about too much of the time.
The Pendragon Legacy was wonderful to write, a real pleasure, and I’m lucky to have found another character as strong as Lancelot. I don’t know how many of these there will be but I plan quite a few. We explore the world of Albion more fully, we meet new people, have new adventures and the bloodshed continues. We honour the dead and welcome in the new voices of a new generation. I am standing on the shoulders of the giants who have written about Camelot, Arthur, Lancelot and Albion long before I was born. I am proud to do so and I am lucky I can. So these stories aren’t about round tables, holy grails, or swords in stones, but they are about knights, love, battles and adventures. Come and play with us…

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