Short Stories

This page is for the links that will lead you to short stories for The Knights Of Camelot. I’ve tried to write around the books and explore other characters while reflecting the major characters.

The first one is how Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere meet.

Camelot’s Love

The second is a long one and explores Tancred’s life.

A Fey’s Love And Life

Here is a short story for Arthur.

It’s called – Arthur’s Heart

It explores Arthur’s life without Lancelot. It takes place during the beginning of Lancelot’s Burden, so there are a few spoliers, though nothing terrible! However, you might want to wait for the next books before reading it, depends on how you feel about spoilers. It opens when Arthur finally loses all his connections with Lancelot and tries to show us how he feels now he’s lost his Wolf. I feel for Arthur and have done the longer the series continues, so I’m hoping to redress the balance a little with a few of these…

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